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A Sobering Look at the Rise of China and Asia

China’s decade long surge into becoming an economic power house and global heavy hitter has given rise to a myriad of theories and assertions regarding the role of Asia in this century. It has been widely touted that the 21st … Continue reading

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Bad News for NATO from Germany

With questions about a two-tier system for NATO and concerns about certain members being unreliable or not sharing the burden, a ruling by the German Supreme Court comes as more bad news. The issue this time was the deployment of … Continue reading

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Curzon right two years early

HT to Joe. Would you believe the post below is two years old? Turns out it’s now finally on the verge of becoming true. * * * House Speaker Denny Hastert has been named as -a possible- successor to -Howard … Continue reading

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Chavez meets Gadhafi

“Use the conquered foe to augment one’s own strength” – Sun Tzu Two longtime members of the anti-American camp met Wednesday for talks about the oil market: Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi, who’s coming from the cold after the U.S. restored relations, … Continue reading

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Promoting the Marshall Plan

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Mapping the Gap IV: Canada, Germany, UK

[Prelude | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3] Thomas Barnett says that the map from The Pentagon’s New Map came from drawing a line around America’s past military deployments which created the natural demand pattern for the exporting … Continue reading

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Hostile Maneuvers, Reloaded

In a followup to this post from November of last year, 107 Alerts on Chinese Spy Planes Japan has scrambled fighter jets 107 times this year to intercept suspected Chinese spy planes, a top general said Thursday, amid growing concern … Continue reading

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Painted into a corner

Some adroit national security analysis from South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo: Around this time last year, when the island country’s Shimane Prefecture instituted a “Takeshima Day” even as the increasingly prominent right wing in Japan put out textbooks whitewashing the country’s … Continue reading

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The importance of “them”

‘Madness’ of anti-US attitude is full of risk, says Blair Tony Blair gave warning yesterday that the “madness”Â? of anti-Americanism in Europe was increasing the risk that the United States could walk away from world affairs. Addressing the Australian Parliament, … Continue reading

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The Saudi Problem

In my last post, I proposed that the US should use Turkey as a middleman to spread its tolerant and modern version of Islam. With countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan fostering and spreading radicalism through out their respective regions … Continue reading

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