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The Chirol Plan in Action

Two years ago, I discussed the spread of radical Islam by Saudia Arabia and proposed countering the well funded extremist influence with a more moderate and modern version of Islam, namely that of Turkey. Here’s a short version of what … Continue reading

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Turks Enter Iraq Again

I noted a few days ago that Turkey was preparing for further incursions into Iraqi Kurdistan as well as anti-PKK operations at home. BBC has just reported that Turkish troops have entered Iraq Turkish forces have crossed into Iraq to … Continue reading

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Back to Iraq?

FP Passport notes an article in the Turkish news regarding military preparations for further strikes within both Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkish Kurdistan. The TSK is currently developing its strategy for the operation, which will most likely be launched in the … Continue reading

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A Half-Step Forward

For such a seemingly insignificant piece of cloth, the headscarf has been at the center of controversy in both Europe and Turkey. While Europeans want to ban or limit wearing overtly religious clothing and symbols in public schools, Turkey has … Continue reading

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Turkey in 2007

With 70 million people of a variety of ethnic groups and religions, eight international borders and a growing economy, Turkey is a real up and comer in both the region and the world. Yet, smack in the center of the … Continue reading

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PKK in Kansas Update

As as a follow up on my previous post on rumors that the PKK is moving to Nagorno-Karabagh, Jamestown has a new article on the same subject that is well worth reading. Reviving a Forgotten Threat: The PKK in Nagorno-Karabakh … Continue reading

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From Baku to Kars

The Caucasus isn’t just a region of overlapping ethnicity and religion, but one of clashing national interests. It is home to three regional conflicts and cursed by natural resources. Thus it is with great pleasure that we read some positive … Continue reading

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Helping Both Sides?

Today’s German Tagesschau hints at something (German link) I’ve also been wondering, namely, why the Turks are claiming such wild success having deal “strong blows” and stood up against terrorists when almost nobody has been killed and no proof has … Continue reading

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PKK to Kansas?

Since the founding of the Republic, Turkey’s archenemies have been those whose who harbor legitimate claims against their territory: Greeks, Armenians and Kurds. Ankara’s deepest fears always involve some conspiracy consisting of several of the aforementioned groups collaborating against them … Continue reading

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Turkey Looking to Iran

Disappointed with the weak show of support from America and Europe, Turkey is now looking further east for support for its planned operations in Iraq. And they need look no further than Iran, also battling its own Kurdish independence movement. … Continue reading

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