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China and Korea

New Guinea’s Squiggly Border

By the end of the 19th century, the island of New Guinea (the origins of that name can be read at a previous post here) was colonized by three European powers. The Dutch colonized the western portion, the Germans claimed … Continue reading

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Early 1980s Nuclear Armageddon Films

Few may recall today, but in the early 1980s, the world was fatalistic and paranoid about the prospects of nuclear war. Filmmakers on both sides of the Atlantic used this theme to create movies about the leadup to nuclear war, … Continue reading

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NK to Dismantle Nuclear Program

Just in: U.S.: NKorea to Declare Nuclear Programs GENEVA (AP) – North Korea agreed Sunday to account for and disable its atomic programs by the end of the year, offering its first timeline for a process long sought by nuclear … Continue reading

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Manners, Manners

Many thanks to reader Zegan for this one. A similar concern has been on my mind as I wonder how Beijing will possible handle the throngs of foreigners that will be visiting the big city in just two short years. … Continue reading

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Guilt by Ethnic Association?

The Marmot brings to our attention two notable apologies by a Korean-American politician and the ROK Ambassador for the VA Tech shootings. The first is Washington State Senator Paul Shin, speaking to fellow lawmakers: “It hurts me deeply, knowing what … Continue reading

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Crowded in Tokyo

I was up in Tokyo over the weekend for a very special event. One thing never ceases to amaze me about Tokyo: the amount of people! Besides the regular throngs of shoppers, goths and ugly maids this weekend was particularly … Continue reading

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Criminal Law in North Korea

This article from the Japanese edition of the JoongAngIilbo about criminal law in North Korea is just too good not to translate. * Is prostitution a crime in Korea? The answer is, it depends on how many times you do … Continue reading

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Impressions on China (and Japan)

As some of you know, I used to be a “professor” at a state university teaching a course on Japan-US relations. A few weeks ago, one of my former students and his friend traveled to Japan and stayed at the … Continue reading

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China’s Ambitions

China isn’t looking to replace U.S., prime minister says Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of China said Friday that his country was still struggling to overcome major obstacles to its internal development and would not seek to disrupt the world order … Continue reading

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No one protests like the Koreans…

The HID (Headquarters Intelligence Detachment) Patriotic Youth Association hold a protest in front of the Japanese embassy with dog heads affixed with the names of Koreans who collaborated with the Japanese during the colonial era. Heads are apparently from a … Continue reading

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