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Japan Roundup

Some interesting news happening in Japan right now, summarized below: 1. Shintaro Ishihara won reelection to a third term as governor of Tokyo. The 74-year old faces waning popularity. From my own soundings of plenty of residents, plenty of people … Continue reading

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Impressions on China (and Japan)

As some of you know, I used to be a “professor” at a state university teaching a course on Japan-US relations. A few weeks ago, one of my former students and his friend traveled to Japan and stayed at the … Continue reading

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Tale of a bunker agent

Since the new year many of you may have noticed a dearth of posting on my part. As those who follow CA closely know, I had moved to Japan to work at a firm that deals in the delivery of … Continue reading

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The Other Fascist Candidate for Governor of Tokyo

CA readers who also follow comrade blog may have noticed that it has been down for a few days — they are currently facing difficulties with stunningly crappy host service In the meantime, Adamu of MF forwarded me … Continue reading

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The Imperial Household Council of Japan

Japan has been an effective Constitutional Monarchy since 1947, but it remains the only country in the world with an Emperor. The Parliament and the Cabinet control politics, but the Emperor performs select actions at the invitation of the Cabinet. … Continue reading

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Pot? Kettle? Black? Slavery and Comfort Women

The US House of Representatives, now under the control of the Democrats, has wasted no time since taking control two months ago to address the most important crisis in America: passing a resolution criticizing Japan for not apologizing for the … Continue reading

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Mt. Fuji in February

From a recent weekend trip to two areas near Mt. Fuji (Hayama/Zushi, and Hakone, for those of you who know the area)

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Japan’s Diplomatic Strategy Against China

Interesting article in the Epoch Times about the stategy of both China and Japan in defrosting bilateral relations: Recently the CCP has strongly attempted to win over Japan. This move is seen by many as a CCP attempt to protect … Continue reading

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Making up for lost time?

Abe “took the first steps”: towards the “normalization” of Japanese foreign policy last week with the introduction of his constitutional revision plan at the opening of the spring parliamentary session. Said Abe, “Now is the time for us to boldly … Continue reading

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A strange encounter…

Tonight I was stopped on the street by a Japanese policeman for questioning. He came up to me and asked me how long I had been in the Nagoya Port area (I was picking up a _bento_ and heading back … Continue reading

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