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American COIN in America

For a while now I’ve considered the plausibility or, perhaps, inevitability of insurgent tactics witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan making their way west and finding a new home in the violent counter culture that is the American gangland. Thankfully we … Continue reading

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From Analysis to Action

One criticism this author has always had of the US intelligence community relates not to their actions specifically, but rather to the overall structure and culture of the organizations, namely that they are too analytically oriented and not operationaly oriented. … Continue reading

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America is now the planets most admired country

At least according to this study. Keep in mind this finding pre-dates President Barrack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize award. The National Brands Index rates countries based on a 20 nation survey of people who rate states on the following categories: … Continue reading

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Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

This post could be subtitled: Why I find American politics tedious. I steer clear of online political forums, read very few blatantly partisan blogs (though the few that do rest in my rss reader are excellent) and typically flip past … Continue reading

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Deterence And the Missile Shield

As is common with most things dominating the news cycle, important background explanations and underlying principles are often if not always left inadequately answered or not touched on at all. One such example is the US missile shield which now … Continue reading

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The Right People, The Wrong Way?

Recent news reports the release of several former Guantanamo prisoners of British and and update on more of French nationality. But it didn’t make the news because of the controversy surrounding their detainment, but instead because they seem to indeed … Continue reading

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Owning the Issues

Germany’s moderately left Social Democrats (SPD) are proposing sanctions on what they deem to be wasteful American products, i.e. those that use too much energy such as cars. This comes of course as both France and Germany oppose new EU … Continue reading

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Decentralized Security in Phili

Those of you familiar with John Robb and his book Brave New War will find this an interesting development. PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The city’s embattled police chief, acknowledging that police alone cannot quell a run of deadly violence, has called … Continue reading

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National Service

Time Magazine runs a cover story about national service which was recently hotly debated here at Coming Anarchy. Interested readers should take a look. A snippet: But there is something else we are seeing in the land. Polls show that … Continue reading

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A Civil Service Proposal

A recent post at FP Passport notes that around 60% of American teenagers are basically uninterested in what’s happening, including the Iraq war. It concludes: “I bet that if the military draft came back, though, you’d suddenly find U.S. teens … Continue reading

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