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Taras Bulba and Euphorias of Hatred

Taras Bulba is a Russian classic, based on Ukrainian folk mythology, written by the famous writer Nikolai Golga. It is a brutal, quasi-historical tale about a bloody Cossack revolt in the Ukraine fighting against invading forces from Poland. When the … Continue reading

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A most dangerous game; Russian journalism

Yesterday saw the trial of three men accused of being involved in the 2006 murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya end in their acquittal. The “involved” bit is important as the Russian authorities have yet to charge an individual with the … Continue reading

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Another Drone Down? reports that Abkhazia claims it has shot down yet another Georgian drone, bringing the unconfirmed total to five. They include drones shot down (allegedly) on March 18, April 20th, and two more on May 4th. While Georgia denies the … Continue reading

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To Annex or Annoy?

A question to readers: I recently predicted that hostilities between Georgia and Russia will increase through the end of the year. This is due primarily to Kosovar independence now being used as an ostensible reason to ramp up aggression against … Continue reading

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Hot Gets Hotter in the Caucasus

Yesterday I mentioned the increasing belligerence of Russia and its aggression towards Georgia. Today, Moscow has threated force should Georgia attempt to retake its own territory militarily. The first assumption here, is that Georgia is somehow preparing for war, a … Continue reading

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The Wine or the Sword?

Last year, while talking with several Georgian students outside an Orthodox church, they pointed at the large statue of a woman which towered over Tbilisi. It was “Mother Georgia” they said and in her hands were a bowl (for wine) … Continue reading

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Deterence And the Missile Shield

As is common with most things dominating the news cycle, important background explanations and underlying principles are often if not always left inadequately answered or not touched on at all. One such example is the US missile shield which now … Continue reading

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Russia shows its hand

With the independence of Kosovo, it seemed that Russia had backed down on its threats to recognize other separatist regions and indeed it did. But it was unlikely there would be no reaction which left analysts wondering when the second … Continue reading

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Sweden Says No

Nord Stream, the controversial natural gas pipeline linking Russia directly with Germany has hit another snag. The Swedish government has denied the company’s application for building the line. Consortium Nord Stream’s application for Swedish permission to build a gas pipeline … Continue reading

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On Its Way Up or Down?

Planting its flag in the Arctic, violating Georgian airspace, flying Cold War missions with its long range bombers near US territory, cutting of energy supplies to neighbors, cyberwar against Estonia, assassinating dissidents with radioactive material, continually blocking the resolution of … Continue reading

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