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The North and South Caucasus

PKK in Kansas Update

As as a follow up on my previous post on rumors that the PKK is moving to Nagorno-Karabagh, Jamestown has a new article on the same subject that is well worth reading. Reviving a Forgotten Threat: The PKK in Nagorno-Karabakh … Continue reading

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From Baku to Kars

The Caucasus isn’t just a region of overlapping ethnicity and religion, but one of clashing national interests. It is home to three regional conflicts and cursed by natural resources. Thus it is with great pleasure that we read some positive … Continue reading

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PKK to Kansas?

Since the founding of the Republic, Turkey’s archenemies have been those whose who harbor legitimate claims against their territory: Greeks, Armenians and Kurds. Ankara’s deepest fears always involve some conspiracy consisting of several of the aforementioned groups collaborating against them … Continue reading

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More Georgians to Iraq

Georgia is doing what few would: sending more troops to Iraq. Like many other members of the Coalition of the Willing, its initial troop commitment was small, around 800 and stayed clear of danger. Yet, Tbilisi is now deploying an … Continue reading

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Competing for Genocide

The alleged Armenian Genocide is a well known topic and that Armenia has a national genocide day is also public knowledge. Yet, who among our readers could have guessed that neighboring Azerbaijan has its own genocide day? Yes, the 31st … Continue reading

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Something Afoot in Tbilisi?

These two events happened a little to close to be a coincidence: Georgia’s Separatist Province Braced for Independence Vote Voters in Georgia’s breakaway Republic of South Ossetia will head to the polls on November 12 to choose a new president … Continue reading

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Trying Hard to Ruin Its Own Image

Apparently being thought of as an unreliable energy supplier is something the Russians value and are working towards: Tbilisi Says Russia’s Plan to Double Gas Price Politically Motivated Georgia has called Russian energy giant Gazprom’s intention to more than double … Continue reading

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Caucasus Travelogue

Brian Ulrich of “American Footprints”: recently posted a “roundup of entries”: he made while travelling through the Caucasus. If you are interested in on-the-ground happenings in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in recent months, give Brian’s posts a read. (Here’s looking … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Watch

Could regional security be the future withan umbrella organization like the UN providing approval. Could the UN’s future be the rubber stamp while locals do the job? GUAM likely to ask for mandate to conduct peacekeeping operations 15 October 2006 … Continue reading

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Georgia: Little Engine that Can?

I recently discussed the emerging concept of micropowers, building on a discussion started by Moises Naim and John Robb. Georgia is a small state of about 4.5 million people of which 84% are Georgian. It’s ethnically homogenous and controls most … Continue reading

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