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Blue water rivals: China and India

Robert D. Kaplan, in the latest Foreign Affairs, discusses the rivalry between two rising powers as they compete for energy resources and regional influence. The Indian ocean will be the stage and as US naval primacy fades in an “elegant … Continue reading

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A costly slip of the tongue

I’m not sure which I find more baffling. That the chairwoman for the US Senate Intelligence Committee was surprised at Pakistani opposition to US Predator missions in Pakistan or her offhanded disclosure of classified information which is very likely to … Continue reading

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Breaking: Bhutto Killed in Suicide Blast

Breaking story: Benazir Bhutto ‘killed in blast’ Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a presumed suicide attack, a military spokesman has announced on TV. Earlier reports said Ms Bhutto had only been injured and taken to … Continue reading

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Zoroastrian Hindus

Thanks to Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace for this fascinating online article on Zoroastrian Hindus in modern-day Azerbaijian from a travelogue dating from the 1920s, translated and posted by Soli Dastur. About hundred to two hundred years ago, our Hindustan used … Continue reading

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Expat-fueled terrorism

There is “fear of a revival”: within the Sikh community of Canada of the “Khalistan movement”: — the creation of an independent Punjabi state along the border of India and Pakistan — which lead to much ISI-funded Sikh terrorism through … Continue reading

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A Chinese Soldier and an Indian Policeman

The disputed border between China and India may not have been properly demarcated, at least in the eastern border between the two countries (as previously discussed here). From India’s the Telegraph comes a blow-by-blow of the handover. (Cached link here. … Continue reading

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Terror in India

It seems Bombay has just joined Madrid and London: Blasts rock Mumbai rail network There have been at least five blasts on commuter trains in the Indian financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), police say. It is not yet clear what caused … Continue reading

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Indian Inroads in Central Asia

By now, it’s somewhat of a cliche to discuss the new Great Game. We’ve all been reading about the scramble for Central Asia and the Caucasus and know who the two biggest players are at the moment, Russia and the … Continue reading

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Ahh, India

Before I hear any charges of bigotry, cultural insensitivity, or the rest, know that this was forwarded by an Indian colleague.

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You realize this is how the Mexican-American War started, right?

From the Reuters newswire: Indian and Bangladeshi troops exchanged heavy fire, officials said on Saturday, but the two sides told different accounts of the clash across the 4,000-km border that divides the usually friendly countries. Bangladesh accused India of an … Continue reading

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