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The Balkans

Nation States: From Non-Existent to Status Quo

[Part I] Last week, I argued that Kosovo did not actually set a legal precedent for other breakaway regions but instead finally officially asked a question that has been asked for decades but never answered, namely, who gets to become … Continue reading

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If Kosovo, Why Not Vermont?

Kosovo’s independence has created a whirlwind of diplomatic activity, worries, news articles and discussion. But let me say it in no uncertain words: Kosovo does not set a precedent for others. Kosovo’s February 17th declaration of independence was perhaps the … Continue reading

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Congratulations Kosovo

As expected, Kosovo declared its independence today. Leaving political analysis for the moment, I just returned from downtown Stuttgart where a large crowd of Kosovars held an independence celebration. There was champagne, dancing and Albanian and American flags as far … Continue reading

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3pm is it

As of this afternoon, map makers will be forced to add yet another country to their product: Kosovo. At 15:00 today in Kosovo, the parliament will convene and vote on independence but that is merely a formality. The outcome has … Continue reading

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The Big Day Looms

While Americans ponder Pearl Harbor Day, December 7th, Europe is pondering December 10th, the day that will finally end negotiations over Kosovo and either on which, or shortly after which, Kosovo is expected to unilaterally declare independence. While around 15,000 … Continue reading

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Could Kosovo Make or Break Europe?

Almost two decades after the Cold War and with some looking to Europe to play a larger role in world affairs, a pesky little province of two million just refuses to go away. Eight years after the Kosovo War in … Continue reading

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Counting on European Cowardice

Reading the news daily can often be as funny as the comics section. Today was no exception when I came across the following article in Der Speigel’s English edition: Serbia Says Use of Force Is an Option in Kosovo Kosovo’s … Continue reading

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Outmaneuvering Russia

An interesting development in the forever-stalled final status of Kosovo. Back in July, RFERL reported that the issue may be moved from the UN to the Contact Group for the Balkans, formed back during the war in Bosnia. However, the … Continue reading

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The Serbian Lone Ranger

1389 still casts a long shadow over the Balkans from Belgrade to Prishtina. Today, The Battle of Kosovo is commemorated in Serbia and to give away the ending, the Serbs lose. Yet, what is the importance of a major loss … Continue reading

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Brown Nosing or Policy Change?

Similar to Russia, Serbia has little attractive power and although weak, is always able to play the spoiler in the Balkans. Kosovo is an especially thorny issue which threatens to leave relations between Balkan states poor for years to come. … Continue reading

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