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Ahmadinejad wins Iran’s Presidential election

IRNA is reporting that primary results from today’s presidential election show incumbent President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has won in an apparent landslide. <blockquote>According to the head of Elections Headquarters Kamran Daneshjoo, Ahmadinejad has recieved 69.04 percent of the counted votes until … Continue reading

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Thinking Mumbai and Terrorist Motivations

From the WSJ: With bullets lodged in both arms, suspected terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Kasab could no longer hold the AK-47 rifle police say he used to kill dozens of people during his three-hour rampage through Mumbai. So he and a … Continue reading

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Berlin Steps in on Abkhazia

While Georgia-Russia tensions have mostly brought involved the US, EU and aforementioned two parties, Germany has stepped in with its own plan for peace in Abkhazia. A Spiegel article notes the plan consists of three phases, Phase one of the … Continue reading

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The Scramble For…well…Everything

The Scramble for Africa was a quick proliferation of often conflicting European colonial claims on Africa. While imperialism was initially an indirect process, i.e. ruling or influencing the through locals, it ultimately led to outright annexation and centralized control of … Continue reading

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As if on Cue

Just yesterday I again recommended that Georgia aim to internationalize its conflict with Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia as its only hope for eventual victory is diplomatic and not military. Today, the headlines seem to confirm that either the … Continue reading

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Bad News for NATO from Germany

With questions about a two-tier system for NATO and concerns about certain members being unreliable or not sharing the burden, a ruling by the German Supreme Court comes as more bad news. The issue this time was the deployment of … Continue reading

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Hydroelectric Surprise

With all the talk of alternative energy and whether it is indeed a viable replacement for other conventional sources like coal and oil, one interesting case comes to mind. So readers, without looking in Google, Wikipedia or any other source, … Continue reading

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German NSC Sparks Controversy

In 1871, the many German states, previously divided and often at odds with each other, were united under the leadership of Prussia and Otto von Bismarck. Europe had long consisted of a strong France in the west, a divided series … Continue reading

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Sweden Says No

Nord Stream, the controversial natural gas pipeline linking Russia directly with Germany has hit another snag. The Swedish government has denied the company’s application for building the line. Consortium Nord Stream’s application for Swedish permission to build a gas pipeline … Continue reading

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Owning the Issues

Germany’s moderately left Social Democrats (SPD) are proposing sanctions on what they deem to be wasteful American products, i.e. those that use too much energy such as cars. This comes of course as both France and Germany oppose new EU … Continue reading

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