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Iran’s influence in post America Iraq

With a rather large exception¹, that has some of his political base less than pleased, President Obama has nailed down his campaign promise for US withdrawal from Iraq. As of August, 2010 Iraq will “officially” enter it’s post America form … Continue reading

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OIF Original Aims

Five years and going, the Iraq War has been subject to more spin, hyperbole and misinformation that anything else in our time. According to Douglas Feith, in his new book War and Decision, the two biggest errors of the Bush … Continue reading

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From Yemen to Djibouti via Bin Laden

Recently, we along with many others have been discussing the new African Command (AfriCom) of the US military. It’s temporary quarters is here in Stuttgart, Germany. Yet, a rather interesting geopolitical development could be threatening its mission, namely a bridge … Continue reading

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What You Won’t Find in the Petraeus Report

While pundits, bloggers, politicians and hacks conjecture as to the contents of the Petraeus Report coming out tomorrow, I’m confident about what you won’t find. While progress has been made in al-Anbar which is sure to be the focus of … Continue reading

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The Future of Syria and Jordan

As many breath a sigh of relief that the current crisis in Lebanon is over, Syria meanwhile has stopped allowing Iraqis to enter the country. As violence in Iraq drags on, the real question isn’t how many are there but … Continue reading

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Recipe for Trouble

According to American Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, the referendum on the status of Kirkuk will likely be delayed. “There is a general realization out there that, as a practical matter, it is going to be very hard to stick … Continue reading

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Fragmentation Part Deux

While I and many others often talk about the Kurds as being the ones pushing hardest for getting out of Iraq, this CS Monitor article proved an interesting change in coverage. The Shia, long oppressed by the central government and … Continue reading

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More Georgians to Iraq

Georgia is doing what few would: sending more troops to Iraq. Like many other members of the Coalition of the Willing, its initial troop commitment was small, around 800 and stayed clear of danger. Yet, Tbilisi is now deploying an … Continue reading

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Why Iraq Doesn’t Matter

The US may be in Iraq for longer than many expected, but it seems now it will be much shorter than some thought. Debates will continue, partisan bickering will press on and the public disillusion will remain. However, the outcome … Continue reading

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Friedman backs Chirol’s Plan

From July 3rd’s NYT, Thomas Friedman writes: If the surge fails to pave the way for a Sunni-Shiite power-sharing agreement in Iraq, then we have to remove our troops from their areas and relocate them to the border to contain … Continue reading

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