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Pirate Stock Exchange Open for Business

For those still peddling the line that piracy is carried out by poor, starving Africans, victimized by evil European fisherman, this article not only provides evidence to the contrary, but speaks to the advanced nature of it in both a … Continue reading

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“Stop calling them pirates”

So says the FP’s Annie Lowery: It’s a sorry, sorry state of affairs. And it suggests two things to me. First, pirate exhaustion looms. (Though we’ve tested the limits on this blog, and found them boundlessly wide.) At one point, … Continue reading

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Somalia Piracy Followup

Recently, I discussed the latest pirate attack in Somalia’s territorial waters and asked a series of questions about possible responses to it. My questions have been answered: In February, the United Nations adopted a resolution urging member states with ships … Continue reading

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Whack a Mole in Failed States

Yesterday’s air strike against terrorist Aden Hashi Ayro has met with mixed feelings. While some extoll it as a step forward for Somalia and a tactical victory for the United States, others claim it is another mistake leading to the … Continue reading

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Yet Another Pirate Attack near Somalia

With the high profile abduction of a French Yacht earlier this month, it seems the fun never stops off the coast of Somalia, if by fun, you mean piracy. According to the AFP, A major Japanese oil tanker was damaged … Continue reading

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Paying the Bill

While most of the news about Kenya’s ongoing violence and instability focuses on the human aspect, that is, individual stories of loss and trauma, tragedy will continue to visit the country even after stability and peace return. Kenya has proven … Continue reading

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Tuareg Rebellion

For our readers out there who’ve read Robert Kaplan’s latest books, the Tuareg Rebellion in Mali and Niger isn’t wholly unknown. Adrian over at Politics & Soccer is a masters student in Security Studies and is researching it for his … Continue reading

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From Yemen to Djibouti via Bin Laden

Recently, we along with many others have been discussing the new African Command (AfriCom) of the US military. It’s temporary quarters is here in Stuttgart, Germany. Yet, a rather interesting geopolitical development could be threatening its mission, namely a bridge … Continue reading

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Chicken and Egg

Does Africa get aid because it is poor or is it poor because it gets aid? A Kenyan economist speaking to Der Spiegel thinks the latter. Readers?

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Soldier of Africa

Via Hidden Unities comes the amazing Soldier of Africa blog about a South African infantry major on assignment in Darfur (or formerly in Darfur, now back home). It’s interesting not only because of the first-hand insight, but also because of … Continue reading

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