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Satirizing Home Grown Terrorists

A brief clip from the film “The Four Lions,” which presents four bumbling would be home grown jihadists in the UK. Via Political Warfare

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The most bizarre stimulus plan yet

Needless to say, President Obama’s stimulus package has come under a considerable degree of scrutiny, criticism and rejection both at home and abroad. Czech Prime Minister and acting EU President, Mirek Topolanek, infamously (paraphrasing the rock band AC/DC) labeled it … Continue reading

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Financial Security Advisory System Launched!

Today, the Treasury Department issued an announcement providing for the implementation of a financial security advisory system, recognizing that the world has changed since the sub-prime crisis. The press release was clear about the driving principles behind the introduction of … Continue reading

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On the edge

Via The Memri Blog The text says “Northern Iraq”

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Holiday planning?

You work hard all year and need time to relax and recharge. It is nearly summer and it’s time to think about where you want to spend your hard-earned vacation. Why not take a look at this guide to the … Continue reading

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Nuff mos’ wicked Osama speech, innit

Quality. _Wot wot!_ to Tony Touch.

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Delivery and visuals

Something you may not know about me: I am big on giving presentations. I like to “design them”:, I like to “read about them”: and I am down on all the “latest methods”: I have even won some recognition for … Continue reading

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The Little Engine that could

James Fallows does a great job on Colbert (and “notices a few things”: as well).

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As a Maczealot, I thought this was pretty funny…

_Via_ “TUAW”:

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Death to America

Is this what was going through Bostonian’s minds? _Wot wot!_ to Spish.

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