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The British Evacuation of Japan and Bahrain, compared

This is rather amusing. Britain has warned all of its citizens to evacuate, and flights have been chartered to evacuate citizens back to Britain. Enough flights have been chartered to bring 17,000 nationals back to the motherland. Now let’s look … Continue reading

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The Educators

Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld are the two most reviled men to have served in the position of Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. Yet the irony — and majestic genius — of the careers of both men is … Continue reading

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The ingredient in Mummia is…

In 1867, a jar was found in a Paris pharmacy with the inscription “Remains found under the stake of Joan of Arc.” The jar contained a blackened human rib, carbonized wood, a piece of linen and a cat femur–the later … Continue reading

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Where can an international lawyer go adventuring?

As some readers may know, Curzon is a lawyer — qualified in the US, but working first in Japan and now in Dubai. A common question that I’ve heard through my years of practice is, “How do you practice law … Continue reading

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Al Karama, the lost capital of the UAE

Abu Dhabi is known as the political capital of the United Arab Emirates, and has held that position for the 39 years that the country has existed. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Under Article 9 of the … Continue reading

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US responsibility for the weak Franco-American Relationship

I’ve recently been reading an old friend, Henry Kissinger’s 900-page tome Diplomacy. Like with many books of epic proportion and content, every read gives me new insight, and for the first time Kissinger’s comments on the US foreign policy during … Continue reading

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Photos of Libya

As Gaddafi holds on to power in Libya, anti-government forces have now captured just about every other city in the country. Meanwhile, the US is offering “any kind of assistance” to anti-government forces. In all of this, you can color … Continue reading

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We’re not finished yet

…writes Robert D. Kaplan in his latest piece, America Primed. He bases this on a number of factors, but highlights unique American “assets” such as the Anglosphere (an automatic network of allies) AMERICA’S MACROSTRATEGIC environment is chockablock with assets unavailable … Continue reading

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The Medieval Growth of Tokyo

Long before modern technology allowed the creation of man-made islands such as the Palm Islands in Dubai, Tokyo was transformed by ordinary human laborers moving earth without modern technology. These pictures, from NHK, show the transformation of Tokyo during the … Continue reading

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Melian Dialogue re-enactment

A modern re-enactment of the Melian Dialogue. The actors look more like they are from the Empire than ancient Greeks. At least they are not LEGO. Via diggydivision.

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