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From Belletrist to Blogger: What progress, and the internet, has done to public intellectualism

I wrote this essay on my personal blog, but when it was retweeted by Adam Elkus, our old friend of Rethinking Security, I thought maybe the (remnant) audience here might appreciate it, or have some feedback. → From Belletrist to … Continue reading

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Are the Gulf Countries “Realist Anomalies”?

Stephen Walt, writing in Foreign Policy, is titled “The curious case of small Gulf states” and asks if the UAE, along with countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, and Brunei are realist anomalies: The puzzle is this: How is it possible … Continue reading

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Big Things Have Small Beginnings

What led to the revelation of the affair that brought down General Patraeus? Turns out it was a Lebanese-American Florida housewife… Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old mother of three, became close with the disgraced for CIA director when he was serving … Continue reading

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CA patron saint Robert D. Kaplan has an official home on the web! Check out to learn about his history, see all his articles and books, and to contact his assistant.

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Interview with Edward Luttwak

Interview here with the always wise and insightful Edward Luttwak. A rather humorous selection: There have been many different explanations given over the past 10 years for the strength of the American-Israeli relationship, ranging from the idea that Israel has … Continue reading

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History of Tokyo subway lines map

Shared by +Andrew Wright

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Genocide in Sudan, Part 2? The Worst Case Scenario for Southern Sudan Independence

Sudan is scheduled to be cleaved in two, as previously posted on here, here and here. While many are celebrating this as a great move for freedom, the problem from the beginning has been deciding where Southern Sudan begins, as … Continue reading

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RIP Patrick Leigh Fermor

One of Robert Young Pelton’s favourite authors — and I am certain referenced by Robert Kaplan — Britain’s greatest travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor has died. He was eulogized this week by none other than Christopher Hitchens. UPDATE: Kaplan on … Continue reading

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Expanding the GCC

I previously described the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) as the future EU of Arabia. It is certainly the most successful multinational cooperative body outside the EU, and is made up of the six monarchies of the Gulf: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

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Osama’s Will, Arabic Names, and Romanization of Arabic

Osama’s “Will” was recently released by a Kuwaiti newspaper. The title of the document is misleading — a will, as a document that distributes assets and property, is not recognized in Islam, as inheritance must take place in accordance with … Continue reading

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