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Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol (1852 - 1929) was a journalist, prolific author, world historian, and British diplomat. He began his career as a foreign correspondent and later became editor of the London Times. After two decades as a journalist he joined Her Majesty's Foreign Ministry as a diplomat and was subsequently knighted for his distinguished service as a foreign affairs advisor. Additionally, he wrote a dozen books on foreign affairs including The Far Eastern Question (1896), Serbia and the Serbs (1914), The End of the Ottoman Empire (1920) and The Egyptian Problem (1921). He is generally credited with popularizing "Middle East" in reference to the Arabian Peninsula with his book The Middle Eastern Question (1903). "Chirol" is a US citizen and graduate student studying Defense and Strategic Studies and government contractor. As with the historical Chirol, he has traveled to over two dozen countries and lived abroad for many years. Chirol speaks English and German fluently with basic knowledge of manyl of others.

Interview with Edward Luttwak

Interview here with the always wise and insightful Edward Luttwak. A rather humorous selection: There have been many different explanations given over the past 10 years for the strength of the American-Israeli relationship, ranging from the idea that Israel has … Continue reading

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Economist Interview with Kaplan

Over at The Economist, they have a video interview up with Robert Kaplan. Enjoy.

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Why Aren’t We Pushing the Saudis

Even before Wikileaks, it was abundantly clear that Saudi Arabia is the largest financer of terrorism in the world. The US knows this, and Saudi knows we know. The continue to do to a half-assed job, doing enough to keep … Continue reading

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Why Are We Wasting Time on Nuclear Talks?

This author is confused. Why is the United States still actively seeking to engage in nuclear talks with North Korea? North Korea’s nuclear program is about regime survival, prestige, self-sufficiency and national defense. Pyongyang has made the strategic decision that … Continue reading

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The Case for a Neutral America

While this is hardly a case you’d expect to be made here at Coming Anarchy, I’ve come to believe an eventual move to complete neutrality would not only be in America’s best interests, but that the US is particularly well … Continue reading

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War without Boundaries

In the aftermath of the recent mail bombs sent from Yemen to the Unites States, the White House may finally have been pushed over the line to officially begin an unofficial war against Yemen. The Obama administration is debating a … Continue reading

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Forcing Ourselves to Define & Declare Victory

With all the discussion of the official end to US combat operations in Iraq, a key point for critics and proponents of the war and the current President is whether we have really won. Indeed, approximately 50,000 American troops remain … Continue reading

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Think about that slowly. . .

Turkey is upset about the resolutions in the United States and Sweden regarding the alleged Armenian Genocide. Logical reaction from Turkey? Threaten to deport 100,000+ Armenians because it worked out so well the first time and all. “There are currently … Continue reading

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North Korean Humor

Got this from a friend who deals with North Korea. Not in English but perhaps readers can identify the origin and meaning of it. Nevertheless quite funny!

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Israel a Strategic Ally?

With all the childish diplomacy going around between the US and Israel, which is seemingly all that’s employing many of the buffoonish commentators from both sides whose chatter and reading of the diplomatic tea leaves would put high school gossip … Continue reading

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