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Stalin the art critic

<blockquote>Ginger bastard Radek, if he had not pissed against the wind, if he had not been angry, he would still be alive.</blockquote> This was scrawled by the Soviet tyrant on a sketching of a naked man, referring to Karl Radek. … Continue reading

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On Predictions for 2009

In our not so recent, yet first ever, podcast I presented a single adjective to describe what I thought entailed the near future of our ever increasingly connected world. I opined “unknown” and cited the general fallibility that entails human … Continue reading

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American COIN in America

For a while now I’ve considered the plausibility or, perhaps, inevitability of insurgent tactics witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan making their way west and finding a new home in the violent counter culture that is the American gangland. Thankfully we … Continue reading

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Global Corruption Map

Transparency International has released their annual report on state corruption. Click on the above map for an interactive sort that reports the corruption index for each country moused over. The bottom end of this scale are the usual suspects of … Continue reading

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<blockquote>The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. The CERES data published in the August BAMS 09 supplement on 2008 shows there should be even … Continue reading

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Don’t execute Khalid Sheik Mohammed

I’m trying to understand US Attorney General Holder’s decision to try 9/11 “mastermind,” Khalid Sheik Muhammed, in a domestic court of law. Proponents state that KSM will be given a more fair trial in a federal court than what he … Continue reading

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Making the case for legalized drugs

Nearly four decades after President Nixon declared a “war on drugs” and one trillion dollars spent prosecuting that war, drugs have become more attainable, cheaper and  potent. You’d think fourteen years of prohibition would have left a lasting lesson for … Continue reading

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Conspiracies: Did Japan Capture Amelia Earhart?

A brief roundup of alleged conspiracies that may have escaped your attention. Did Japan capture Amelia Earhart? According to her fourth cousin, Wally Earhart, Amelia and her navigator Fred Noonan didn’t starve to death on Howland Island, nor were they … Continue reading

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Mexico’s cartels are corrupting US law enforcement

If you think the extent of Mexico’s cartel incursion into the US is limited to increased violence in border towns, think again. <blockquote>…less widely reported is the infiltration and corruption of American law enforcement, according to Robert Killebrew, a retired … Continue reading

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Mexico’s drug war spreads south

The late 1980′s saw a logistical shift in the international drugs trafficking corridor between the US and Colombia. The traditional entry point for cocaine being shipped into the United States slid west from Florida under increased enforcement State side. Colombian … Continue reading

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