Big Things Have Small Beginnings

What led to the revelation of the affair that brought down General Patraeus? Turns out it was a Lebanese-American Florida housewife

Jill Kelley, a 37-year-old mother of three, became close with the disgraced for CIA director when he was serving at nearby MacDill Air Force Base between 2008 and 2010.

Mrs Kelley served as an unpaid, unofficial social liaison for U.S. Central Command, which Petraeus led at the time, and was reportedly a fixture at parties among the top brass — along with her husband Scott, a prominent cancer surgeon.

Petreaus biographer Paula Broadwell, revealed to be his mistress, sent harassing emails to Mrs Kelley that said ‘I know what you did,’ ‘back off’ and ‘stay away from my guy,’ a source told the New York Post.

Mrs Kelley responded by calling the FBI, which stumbled on Broadwell’s affair when agents examined her email account and found steamy exchanges with Petraeus.

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  1. Curzon says:

    This was some secret hidden backstory when it came out two days ago. Now it’s all over the news.

  2. I meant, so long without news from this blog.

  3. Yeah, over a year! Great to see you guys back!