The Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail?

My own trip through Vietnam in 2005 showed me a country that had come a long way from the days of the 1970s warzone. But I was floored to recently learn that significant parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail have been converted into a golf resort.


The Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail launched in July 2007 as Southeast Asia’s first integrated golfing course. It is a connection of courses with first class hotels, golf academies, all with stunning dune-strewn topography. What better way to celebrate the development of Vietnam from a backwards, war-torn Southeast Asian nation to an economically developing nation?

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2 Responses to The Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail?

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  2. lirelou says:

    They could have done without the rah-rah-rah bits on Ho Chi Minh, which add a suspicious political flavor to their site. And, if one wants to play golf on the real Ho Chi Minh trail, ones has to go to Laos and Cambodia. All that has happened is that a new Route 14 has been built along the border that has been named in honor of the real HCM trail. I wonder how many indigenous peoples were displaced to make way for the golf courses. Dalat’s predates the war, being built on order of Emperor Bao Dai so that he would have a place to play.