“If I grab you, I will eat you… raw”

Viceland.com has produced an amazing series titled “The Vice Guide to Liberia” that is an excellent and engaging piece of media on the founding and history of Liberia, together with a gruesome review of the civil war that plagued the country through the late 1990s and early 00s.

“This is like a civil war on steroids, a post-apocalyptic armageddon with child soldiers smoking heroin, cross-dressing cannibals, systematic rape, it’s total hell on earth.”

But for those of you read this and think the world is beyond hope, don’t forget that General Butt Naked, who makes an appearance in the opening of the documentary, has been saved by Jesus, and there’s now a documentary out on his redemption, The Redemption of General Butt Naked.

About Curzon

Lord George Nathaniel Curzon (1859 - 1925) entered the British House of Commons as a Conservative MP in 1886, where he served as undersecretary of India and Foreign Affairs. He was appointed Viceroy of India at the turn of the 20th century where he delineated the North West Frontier Province, ordered a military expedition to Tibet, and unsuccessfully tried to partition the province of Bengal during his six-year tenure. Curzon served as Leader of the House of Lords in Prime Minister Lloyd George's War Cabinet and became Foreign Secretary in January 1919, where his most famous act was the drawing of the Curzon Line between a new Polish state and Russia. His publications include Russia in Central Asia (1889) and Persia and the Persian Question (1892). In real life, "Curzon" is a US citizen from the East Coast who has been a financial analyst, freelance translator, and university professor; he is currently on assignment in Tokyo.
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7 Responses to “If I grab you, I will eat you… raw”

  1. Rommel says:

    That was amazing. Are they releasing this in parts? It said 1 of 8 and I’m not seeing any others..

  2. Rommel says:

    Spoke too soon. Found ‘em on VBS.TV

  3. Felix says:

    Also check out their Guide to North Korea

  4. Carl says:

    Also they have a general ‘Vice Guide to Travel’. They go to places like Chernobyl, Afghanistan, and several other hell holes.

  5. Roy Berman says:

    I have an American friend whose father is from Liberia, and last year she went for a visit for a few weeks. While she generally had a good time and the people were very friendly, she also said that the legacy of the civil war is still apparent, and that she heard far too many stories she never wants to think about again.

  6. IVoIIIoVI says:

    Incidentally, I tried General Butt Naked’s chicken at a local Liberian restaurant recently. A little undercooked.

    Also, it appears that what the General rediscovered was the Indo-European berserker mode of combat. From Berserks: A History of Indo-European “Mad Warriors”:

    “Woden’s men went without hauberks and raged like dogs or wolves. They bit their shields and were strong like bears or bulls. They killed men, but neither fire nor iron hurt them. This is called berserksgangr.” Berserk warriors thus scorned armor, willfully foregoing body armor. They also raged uncontrollably in a trance of fury. These two qualities define berserks, although many sources mention only one or the other, even in cases where warriors were both naked and mad.

    Perkunos, I believe, was a berseker, though he never outright told me.

  7. RRE says:

    Amazing indeed. Quite possibly the best documentary I have ever seen, although Ross Kemp in South Africa with the Number’s Gang was pretty good too.