Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. The president who has accomplished nothing in regard to anything has won a discredited prize — and in his first year in office, no less. The cult of the divine Obama. And for the first time ever (please correct me in the comments if I’m wrong), it appears that the prize has been given not for achievements or accomplishments, but for what the prize winner might be able to achieve in the future. It almost feels as if the world is reverting to post-Republican Rome, when the Principate Emperors were deified in life and deemed to be Gods on earth living amongst us.

Frankly, I thought the news story that Obama had won was a joke at first glance. But it actually doesn’t surprise me all that much — as I wrote about the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007:

That Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on encouraging world governments to tackle global warming shows how much a leftist joke the post-Cold War Nobel committe has become. (Not since -Arafat (1994)- Jimmy Carter (2002) has the prize been such a big joke.)

Looks like I need to revise that blurb, and in future it will read, “Not since -Arafat (1994)- -Jimmy Carter (2002)- -Al Gore (2007)- Barack Obama (2009) has the prize been such a big joke.”

All of this being said, I must admit that it was a pretty crap year for peace. The other potential winners discussed in the press were pretty lackluster people — Zimbabwe’s prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai, a Colombian senator, a Chinese dissident, and an Afghan women’s rights activist. Was their someone better to choose? In a year when peace has taken a back burner to everything else, perhaps not.

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27 Responses to Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Chirol says:

    My first reaction was also that it must be a joke. If anything Obama has made the world more dangerous with his lack of willpower to tackle threats like Iran and North Korea, his idealistic and dangerous insistance on reducing America’s nuclear deterrent, attempt to close Gitmo, etc. If anything, he should be given an award for allowing threats to flourish. Let’s hope this nightmare will end in 2012.

  2. alec says:

    I think this is a preemptive calculation that Obama will be able to reach Kissinger like numbers (ie for every 1 million dead civilians on your hands, you get 1 major international award).

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  4. Sejo says:

    I have to admit that this ultimate expression of the Norwegian sense of humour has completely surprised me.

  5. dj says:

    It is nothing more than a left wing medal of appreciation.

  6. Rick says:

    I’m mildly disappointed by your tone (but not surprised in the least by the comments).
    My own “knee-jerk” would be: since when would the “Right” give a shit about an award for PEACE? But what do I know?
    I think (if you feel like checking) most of the “Left” was pretty surprised about this as well.
    Personally, I see it as a repudiation of the Bush years, and a signal that the world is ready for America to lead again.
    Mock if you must, but have fun in the twilight zone.

  7. dj says:

    “Personally, I see it as a repudiation of the Bush years, and a signal that the world is ready for America to lead again. ”

    A signal to the world by handing out a individual award to someone who has not done much leading? This makes little sense. You think Bush is moping around upset about this? He is probably laughing at how comical these token international socialists look.

    This just highlights how cosmetic and insignificant it is for America to be looked at favorably abroad. All of Obama’s cmapaign rhetoric about “restoring America’s standing in the world” was code for being liked by Old Europe rather than most other places in the world. Now in places like Afghanistan we find that being liked by these European Leftists means NOTHING. Obama gets a medal but the USA gains little from being “liked” by these do nothings.

  8. slim says:

    My Onion headline for this day would be: “Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norwegian Nobel Committee”

  9. Now, hang on, here… what’s wrong with Carter getting the Peace Prize?

  10. Younghusband says:

    Surprising to say the least. I think Rodger at the Duck has it right when he says “most of these accomplishments are mere promises to act.” Not to mention the fact that the cut off date for nomination was Feb 1st, just weeks into Obama’s presidency.

    I agree with Curzon that this year was crap for peace. At least the Nobel people didn’t cop out like TIME in 2006 and give the peace prize to You! Though I could use the money.

    Lastly, what’s with all the immaterial accusations of leftism and socialism? Jeez! Makes it feel like we are CNN or a town hall meeting or something.

  11. Anon says:

    “Gorbachev won the Nobel in 1990, at the height of his international celebrity. Then it all came abruptly to an end. It turned out that Gorbachev didn’t understand a basic point: the communist system he was trying to reform was unreformable. His popularity disappeared with the Soviet Union. And he became a despised figure in post-Soviet Russia. His good nature no longer conveyed hope but weakness.” — Newsweek

    I can’t believe how symmetrical this stuff is! Check out Dimitri Orlov on the subject.

  12. Rick says:

    “This just highlights how cosmetic and insignificant it is for America to be looked at favorably abroad.”

    And you have just given a shining example of the problem at hand. Where I come from someone who doesn’t care what others think is called an asshole. Is that how you see America’s role in the world?

  13. Curzon says:

    Rick: I don’t understand your first comment. To react in brief to your points: (1) Absolutely the Right cares about peace — we’re just more realistic on how to accomplish it; (2) I did read a good dozen articles before I posted and lots on the Left are indeed delighted that Obama has won, and lots read in the same way as your comment — “Mock if you must, but have fun in the twilight zone.” I will repeat my orginal assertion — for the first time ever, someone has won the Nobel Peace Prize for something he might do in the future, at the very beginning of his national/international political career. It’s a lunacy move that denigrates the prize even further from the joke it has turned into since the fall of the Soviet Union.

  14. Younghusband says:

    Like this columnist I think we could go further back:

    When Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, the satirist Tom Lehrer remarked that he saw no further need to perform as the award had made satire obsolete. By offering the world’s most prestigious political accolade to Barack Obama, a man who has held office for barely nine months, the Norwegian Nobel Committee is in danger of putting the entire comedy industry out of business.

  15. FOX says:

    I’m bewildered that Obama failed to win the Nobel in Economics for his financial bailout and stimulus plans, and the Nobel Prize for medicine for his health care plan. Of course health care is only a proposal at present, but clearly good intentions, if quixotic and illusory, are sufficient to trump tangible achievement.

    The prize committee diminished the award (further) by choosing to honor rhetoric over accomplishment. The committee diminished itself with yet another (completely unnecessary), knee-jerk leftist, anti-Bush parting shot, coming on the heels of the Carter and Gore awards.

    Granted, it was a wretched year with regard to Peace Prize nominees; I would prefer that an American President win rather than the supposed favorite Cordoba, a corrupt and vacuous Colombian Marxist with ties to FARC and Hugo Chavez.

  16. Roy Berman says:

    You know, there were a few years that they just didn’t award the prize to anybody. What would have been wrong with that?

  17. Jack UH says:

    I came to a different conclusion after reading a day’s worth of responses to the prize. It seems that people will read what they want out of it. Right wing hacks, who strangely gave a damn that foreigners rejected Obama last week at the IOC suddenly show disdain again when another group of foreigners gives him an award. Left wing hacks who ride him on his failures to end DADT or end the PATRIOT Act now think he’s cool again.

    Honestly, the most sane response I heard today would be that it doesn’t really matter that much.

  18. Jack UH says:

    @Roy Berman

    They should have listened to the Internet and awarded it to Michael Jackson. ;p

  19. Jupiter says:

    “If anything Obama has made the world more dangerous with his lack of willpower to tackle threats like Iran and North Korea, his idealistic and dangerous insistance on reducing America’s nuclear deterrent, attempt to close Gitmo, etc. If anything, he should be given an award for allowing threats to flourish. Let’s hope this nightmare will end in 2012.”

    Ugh…reading this on my favorite blog felt like getting a gorgeous girl’s phone number, only to discover later that she has genital warts.

  20. morgan says:

    The triumph of BS and spin over sweat and toil.

  21. I literally burst out laughing when I realized this was not a hoax.

    Mr. Obama has transcended not only politics, as he claimed he would do, but reached an even higher level and transcended parody as well.

    The next headline will be “Vatican quashes rumor that Barack Obama will be granted first while-still-living canonization”. Or God forbid the verb will be “confirms” … .

    The one aboutt the Cy Young award was pretty funny, given Mr. Obama’s weak throw-out of the first baseball — but if he gets a pitching coach, they may give that one to him preemptively as well.

  22. Bob says:

    Earlier this week rumors about a French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian and Arab cabal to trade oil in non-dollar currencies sent gold to a record price and the dollar into a tailspin (which was stopped when the Chinese and Japanese moved in to buy treasuries). It’s no secret the German government doesn’t get along with the new administration. The new Japanese government campaigned on being less dependent on the USA. The Chinese are incredibly nervous about our inability to give-a-damn about the value of the dollar. The Russians didn’t respond well to Hillary’s reset button and must scoff at Obama’s talk about “a world without spheres of interest”. The Eastern Europeans think Obama will sell them out.
    This notion that “the world is aching for American leadership” is self-indulgent nonsense parroted by the left who think foreigners are as excited about Obama as they are. The leadership the world wants from us is to repair our economy and stabilize the dollar. Instead we’re running trillion dollar deficits for the next DECADE while lecturing the Chinese, Japanese and Germans for not spending enough!
    I used to throw the term “personality cult” around as a hyperbole to describe Obama supporters; lately its looking less hyperbolic eh?

  23. Chief Wiggum says:

    I expected Roman Polanski to win it.

  24. Sam Kaufman says:

    It would seem that the Nobel Peace prize was given to Obama to send a message… to whom and for what purpose, who knows

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  26. Garrett says:

    The Afghan women’s rights activist, from what I’ve heard, has funded hundreds of schools for women in Afghanistan because they aren’t really allowed to be educated.