Kashmir’s “cyber-resistance”

As demonstrated in the aftermath of Iran’s presidential elections, the internet proves an effective battleground (and remarkably level playing field) for political struggle and information warfare. Recently a video put together by a group of young men in Kashmir, apparently referred to in the local media as the insurgency’s “cyber-resistance,” went viral amongst bloggers sympathetic to Kashmir’s insurgency the world over.  The video features a photo collage set against British pop singer Chris de Burgh’s 1982 song “The Revolution.”

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Younghusband asks about the plausible future of warfare. The dissemination of information is certainly not new, but the shear volume and speed at which information travels is, quite obviously, unprecedented. As is the growing, global access to that information via not only computers but increasingly attainable and cheaper, multifunctional cell phones. If the “small war” is the game of the day and counter insurgency is the strategy of that game then I’d suggest mastery of the frenetic pace and volume of information is an ever growing element of warfare. The future grand strategist may be as well versed in marketing as they are in military theory.

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3 Responses to Kashmir’s “cyber-resistance”

  1. Rob Knight says:

    This video failed to have the desired effect on me, since I’m now unable to think of Chris de Burgh without thinking of Bill Bailey.

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