What would the world look like if all separatists won?

Wannabe Nations

Infographics designer Theo Deutinger maps out a speculative world of successful non-states. For more Microstate Madness see our posts in micronations and unrepresented states.

Link via Shloky who has a whole mess of interesting graphics from Theo.

About Younghusband

Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942) was a British explorer, army officer, military-political officer, and foreign correspondent born in India who led expeditions into Manchuria, Kashgar, and Tibet. He three times tried and failed to scale Mt. Everest and journeyed from China to India, crossing the Gobi desert and the Mustagh Pass (alt. c.19,000 ft/5,791 m) of the Karakoram mountain range in modern day Pakistan. Convinced of Russian designs on British interests in India, Younghusband proactively engaged in the nineteenth century spying and conflict over Central Asia between the British and the Russians known as the Great Game. "Younghusband" is a Canadian who has spent a number of years bouncing back and forth between his home country and Japan. Fluent in Japanese and English with experience in numerous other languages from Spanish to Georgian, Younghusband has travelled throughout Asia. He graduated with an MA from the War Studies Department at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he focussed on the Japanese oil industry and energy security issues. He has recently returned to Canada from Japan, and is working in the technology sector.
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60 Responses to What would the world look like if all separatists won?

  1. alfanje says:

    @Sarlanga . There is a Santa Cruz province in Argentina, but another Santa Cruz (de la Sierra) in Bolivia, to which the map refers.
    As far as I know there is a political movement in Santa Cruz, Bolivia which is rather autonomist, as opposed to separatist, in nature.

  2. spandrell says:

    aah Spain’s the dumbest country on Europe.
    Like anyone cares.

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  4. edu says:

    please check the flags, there more than 15 mistakes, not really true things

    por favor repasad las banderas hay mas de 15 fallos poco estudio de campo
    tonterias vanales

    y al que dice que no responde a la historia…sigue votando a derechas gilipollas

  5. Brian King says:

    Thanks for this post. Even the author’s site doesn’t have the hi res version. This would be fascinating to study in more detail.

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  7. Anselmo L. says:

    Aunque seamos minoría, somos muchos los andaluces soberanistas. Los hay independentistas, federalistas, incluso confederalistas que aspiran a una Andalucía libre dentro de una confederación de repúblicas ibéricas, inluida Portugal.

    Viva Andalucía Libre!!!!!

  8. María Morralla says:



  9. Anselmo L. says:

    Aunque sean minoría y no estén articulados políticamente, en Andalucía existe un importante movimiento cultural soberanista que aspira a una Andalucía libre. Algunos demandan la independencia y otros el federalismo: una Andalucía soberana en el marco de una confederación de repúblicas ibéricas, incluida Portugal. Un sueño libertario.
    Viva Andalucía Libre!!!!

  10. s says:

    aceface answered lexington green’s question about japan.