Quote of the day from the Honduran “Christ figure.”

<blockquote>The blood of Christ is coursing though my veins,

Soon I will be with you all to raise the crucifix.</blockquote>

Former Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya during his flight to re-enter Honduras. Of course it didn’t quite shake out the way Zelaya had expected. No raising of a crucifix, turning of water into wine, walking on water or walking on Honduran soil, for that matter. The Honduran military  carpeted the runway with trucks and Zelaya’s plane diverted to first Nicaragua and then El Salvador. (via tdaxp, Champion of “armed thugs against the peasant class…”)

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5 Responses to Quote of the day from the Honduran “Christ figure.”

  1. ElamBend says:

    You left out the key detail that it was a Venezuelan crew flying Zelaya, which I think is telling.

  2. Edgewise.Sigma says:

    Oh, goodness gracious….



  3. Sejo says:

    What do you think is going to happen there? I mean, what has happened seems to me as a victory for the Honduras constitution, its democratic institutions and even the rule of law in itself but Micheletti seems to be very unpopular everywhere, from Washington to Caracas to Bruxelles. With so poor international relations, I do not think Zelaya will be just ranting on air for long.

  4. Outside pressure (as well as internal turmoil) is likely why Micheletti has agreed to talks w/Zelaya moderated by Costa Rican pres. Oscar Arias.