BREAKING NEWS: Former South Korean President Roh Dead

Former South Korean president Roh dead amid suicide probe

FORMER South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun has died, sparking an investigation whether he committed suicide amid a corruption investigation.
Roh died on Saturday after falling down a mountain while hiking with an aide, Yonhap news agency said.

Roh, at the centre of a corruption probe, received severe head injuries and died after being moved to a larger hospital in Busan from his hometown of Gimhae, Yonhap said.

Police are investigating whether Roh committed suicide, the report said.

The corruption probe centred around a payment worth one million dollars to his wife from a wealthy shoemaker, and a payment by the same man worth five million dollars to the husband of one of Roh’s nieces, Yeon Cheol-Ho.

Roh, elected partly on an anti-corruption platform, served from 2003 to 2008.

He became the nation’s third former president to be summoned by the prosecution after Chun Doo-Hwan and Roh Tae-Woo, who were both convicted in 1995 of receiving bribes and inciting mutiny.

Both were sentenced to death but were pardoned in 1997.

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13 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Former South Korean President Roh Dead

  1. Aceface says:

    That was quick.

    “Both were sentenced to death but were pardoned in 1997. ”

    No.Roh got 22 years or so in jail and then pardoned.

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  3. hardyandtiny says:


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  5. Aceface says:

    Life of South Korean presidents after the Blue House years.

    ①Rhee Syngman: Exiled to Hawaii after the mass protest in 1960.
    ②Yun Bo-seon: Ousted in coup by the military in 1961
    ③Pak Cheong-hee: Shot by his aide in 1979.
    ④Choi Gyu-ha: Puppet of the junta.Kicked out in 1980 by Chun Doo-hwan.
    ⑤Chun Doo-hwan: Sentenced to death in 1996.(pardoned)
    ⑥Roh Tae-woo: Sentenced 17 years in prison in 1995.(pardoned)
    ⑦Kim Yeong-sam: Son and close aide convicted for bribery in1997.
    ⑧Kim Dae-jung: Two sons convicted for tax evasion and brivery in 2002.
    ⑨Roh Moo-hyun: Commit suicide in 2009.

    and what would become of Lee Myeong-bak within a few years?

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  7. Bob Harrison says:

    Your list simply proves the point that corruption alone cannot prevent a country from moving from 3rd world to 1st. Ha-Joon Chang writes about the difference between “good” and “bad” corruption in his book “Bad Samaritan.” South Korea demonstrates Kaplan’s assertion that economic development must precede political liberalization.

  8. dj says:


    How would you describe the typical Korean leaders philosophical outlook. Are they mostly traditional Korean or are their any Christians among the leaders you listed. I am aware of the large Christian community there, however I don’t know enough about the country to determine this.

    The suicide like that seems more like a eastern sense of shame to me. I don’t think you will see any politicians in Washington ever do this.

  9. Aceface says:


    Make no mistake.I’m not blaming presidents,nor corruption.As you see in the lists,there are various fates awaits in the Korean ex-presidents.The point is Korean political development is TOO much dependent on human factor and not the institution.Which is contrary to Japan where bureaucracy dominates and all the corruption and political apathy comes from structural reasons in institutional power.
    Economic development must precede political liberalization has been a huge talk in relate with South Korea especially the post war relation with Seoul and Tokyo had started in ’65 with series of economical aids attached and there were huge criticism on both sides that Tokyo is funding the juntas.


    I know two Japanese politician who commited suicide and one was agro-minister under scandal during Abe administration and the other guy is a diet member and this guy happens to be the second generation of Korean emigre.But I don’t think culture counts as much as the current zeit-geist does.

    Suicide occurs so commonly in Korea and Japan and now it has become one optional way for you to end your life.Roh took advantage of that to end the investigation upon him and his family and using it as a sort of protest to moblize mass sentiment against current government.Or so is my take on the situtaion for the moment.

  10. Won Joon Choe says:

    Roh Tae-woo was NOT sentenced to death.

  11. Won Joon Choe says:

    Bob Harrison,

    David Kang makes the same point in Crony Capitalism as well.

  12. Brent says:

    interesting enough, it is said that a nigerian prophet prophesied the death of Roh
    there is a lot of talk about this man tb joshua – how he prophecies and things come to pass… i’m not yet convinced, but it is worth checking out.

  13. Chuckles says:

    Roh’s death was quite shocking – yet, Aceface makes a point with his list that I think is worth noting – the often ignominous ends to the careers of Korean Presidents.

    I know a thing or two about Nigerian politics and religion – I was at a conference a while back where I was asked to speak on the intersection between politics and religion in Nigeria. T B Joshua is “notorious” for doing things like this: See his record with J. E Mills and leaders of Zambia, Gabon, prominent figures in South African politics, etc. I find it interesting that this guy, who is a regarded as a pariah within the folds of Nigerian charismatics – PFN ostracised him – save for his embrace by C. Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has gained this sort of prominence: Showing up in a comment on Coming Anarchy of all places. Weird is it not, that this fellow, rejected by his own people, embraced by American charismatics is now some sort of Pat Robertson with a Nigerian flavor, a folksy background and international reach? Nothing Straussian here? Question: Does anyone in intelligence agencies leak info to “Prophets” before they occur? Not suggesting that the good prophet is a fake – just wondering. I also notice that almost all Pat Robertsons predictions for 2009 were on the money – as I hear, including gold hitting 1000 an ounce.

    Has Roh’s death been actually confirmed as a suicide? AFAIK, there is only 1 witness.