The Status in Gaza

The BBC has a map of the attacks in Gaza here, but on a lame, flat map. I added the information to the Gaza map we showed here at CA in 2007 here, and show the amended map below.


Also, The Independent has a unique “Mind Map” chart of the Gaza crisis that you can see here. And what’s more, Robert D. Kaplan has a piece on Gaza in the Atlantic here, with the following analysis:

Hamas does not have to win this war. It can lose and still win. As long as no other political group can replace it in power, even as some of its diehards can continue to lob missiles, however ineffectually, into Israel, it achieves a moral victory of sorts. Moreover, if Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement tries to replace Hamas in power, Fatah will forever be tagged with the label of Israeli stooge, and in the eyes of Palestinians will have little moral legitimacy. Israel’s dilemma is that it is not fighting a state but an ideology…

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4 Responses to The Status in Gaza

  1. Alfred Russel Wallace says:

    What a witless thing that ‘mind map’ is…..

  2. Psudo says:

    According to the Mind Map, Israel’s response is certainly legal by international law (two affirmative arguments), certainly not proportional (by statement alone with no argument, but hard to doubt), and disputably moral (one affirmative argument and one negative argument).

    Even when it’s a widely popular belief, it worries me when statements are offered with no affirmative argument. That’s the kind of popular belief that shocks the world when it’s overturned by proof.

  3. Jim says:

    The Atlantic article also states:

    “That [2006] attack failed for a number of reasons, not least of which was Israel’s poor intelligence on Hezbollah: historically, its intelligence on the Palestinians has been much better.”

    What evidence is there that intelligence is “historically” better on the part of the Isrealis when it comes to the Palestinians? Is that just code for the Isreali army has beaten them into dazed submission four times now?

  4. Curzon says:

    ARW & Psudo: Let’s face it, The Independent is just a completely crap paper.

    Jim: No, the Israelis have better intelligence on the Palestinians because that is THE most important security concern they have. Lebanon is an occasional afterthought.