“Suddenly, all hell breaks loose.”

On the introduction of Younghusband I’ve been looking through the back-issue episodes of TED and have been fascinated by this speech by Spencer Wells on human evolution and our common origins. The talk is brief and broad. It begins with a talk about our common ancestors, and then discussions the first anthropologists that tried to classify humans into different races. The talk then moves to Africa, where humans evolved, and how we survived the ice age and the crash of the human population where we almost went extinct. But our species survived this, and was followed by the departure from Africa by one subset of humans, who reproduced and migrated across the globe. For a while, the simples tools we used were the same — until at one point, all hell breaks loose and humans develop agriculture, art, religion, and complex language.

There is also an open invitation to participate in the Genographic Project. Learn more at the site here, and order your kit here.

About Curzon

Lord George Nathaniel Curzon (1859 - 1925) entered the British House of Commons as a Conservative MP in 1886, where he served as undersecretary of India and Foreign Affairs. He was appointed Viceroy of India at the turn of the 20th century where he delineated the North West Frontier Province, ordered a military expedition to Tibet, and unsuccessfully tried to partition the province of Bengal during his six-year tenure. Curzon served as Leader of the House of Lords in Prime Minister Lloyd George's War Cabinet and became Foreign Secretary in January 1919, where his most famous act was the drawing of the Curzon Line between a new Polish state and Russia. His publications include Russia in Central Asia (1889) and Persia and the Persian Question (1892). In real life, "Curzon" is a US citizen from the East Coast who has been a financial analyst, freelance translator, and university professor; he is currently on assignment in Tokyo.
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  1. Very good talk. Thanks for passing it on. I have sent along to several other people who will be interested in it.