To America and Back

Readers will surely have noticed my absence the past few weeks. For it, I apologize, as I was on semi-vacation in the US for a wedding.

From that trip I give you a few quick pictures. I spent most time in my native South and then 4 nights in Vegas. I’ll continue to post lightly due to preparations for a upcoming major change. More on that in time.

Home Sweet Home

1.6 million gallon shark tank at the Mandalay Bay Hotel

The Luxor Hotel

The Flamingo, the first hotel in Vegas

Red Rock Natl. Park

More Red Rock

About Chirol

Sir Ignatius Valentine Chirol (1852 - 1929) was a journalist, prolific author, world historian, and British diplomat. He began his career as a foreign correspondent and later became editor of the London Times. After two decades as a journalist he joined Her Majesty's Foreign Ministry as a diplomat and was subsequently knighted for his distinguished service as a foreign affairs advisor. Additionally, he wrote a dozen books on foreign affairs including The Far Eastern Question (1896), Serbia and the Serbs (1914), The End of the Ottoman Empire (1920) and The Egyptian Problem (1921). He is generally credited with popularizing "Middle East" in reference to the Arabian Peninsula with his book The Middle Eastern Question (1903). "Chirol" is a US citizen and graduate student studying Defense and Strategic Studies and government contractor. As with the historical Chirol, he has traveled to over two dozen countries and lived abroad for many years. Chirol speaks English and German fluently with basic knowledge of manyl of others.
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2 Responses to To America and Back

  1. Curzon says:

    Honeymoon in Vegas, like a real American! Hope you had a great trip.

  2. Chirol says:

    No no, it was someone else’s wedding. I was best man, not on honeymoon!