What’s your Traveller IQ?

YH’s score on the Travel IQ test

Take the “Travelpod Traveler IQ Challenge”:http://www.travelpod.com/traveler-iq! On my first try Level 10 killed me. I made some dumb mistakes and think I could have passed if I weren’t in such a rush. I am sure you can do better. I think Curzon would rule at this.

_Via_ “FP Passport”:http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/node/7430.

About Younghusband

Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942) was a British explorer, army officer, military-political officer, and foreign correspondent born in India who led expeditions into Manchuria, Kashgar, and Tibet. He three times tried and failed to scale Mt. Everest and journeyed from China to India, crossing the Gobi desert and the Mustagh Pass (alt. c.19,000 ft/5,791 m) of the Karakoram mountain range in modern day Pakistan. Convinced of Russian designs on British interests in India, Younghusband proactively engaged in the nineteenth century spying and conflict over Central Asia between the British and the Russians known as the Great Game. "Younghusband" is a Canadian who has spent a number of years bouncing back and forth between his home country and Japan. Fluent in Japanese and English with experience in numerous other languages from Spanish to Georgian, Younghusband has travelled throughout Asia. He graduated with an MA from the War Studies Department at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he focussed on the Japanese oil industry and energy security issues. He has recently returned to Canada from Japan, and is working in the technology sector.
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11 Responses to What’s your Traveller IQ?

  1. Durf says:

    I tried that a number of times but I could never clear level 12.

  2. strategist says:

    I can’t get past level 12 after two tries – I made the same dumb mistake of putting Jayapura in Java not Papua.

  3. dogbert says:

    Final Score: 583,509
    Final Level: 12
    Traveler IQ: 134

  4. Chirol says:

    Final Score: 601,548
    Final Level: 12
    Traveler IQ: 136

    The map is way too small. Its pretty easy, but I cant pinpoint cities as well as I’d like.

  5. Soob says:

    Damn, that thing’s addictive.

  6. Ken says:

    Got to 11…I can’t make out a whole lot of the, oh, Antilles, Levant, NW euro…Balkins…and where are the “small” islands on that map?

  7. sun bin says:

    first time only reached 11th, 500k points, IQ127

    3rd time better, level 12, just over 600k. IQ136

    this is a fun game, but map is too small.

  8. jim says:

    Fun game, although you can click almost anywhere in Europe and get a high score for euro cities. Russia, on the other hand …

  9. von Kaufman-Turkestansky says:

    Addictive. 1st try – 582,254 (midway through level 12), giving me a 134 score. Russia, Australia and Canada are tough, because of the large blank spaces, and the projection makes the pacific islands pretty hard to pinpoint. If there were some rivers/lakes/mountains (for example lake Winnipeg!) shown in the larger countries I would have had a higher score.

  10. Joe says:

    I challenged Curzon to this a couple of months ago. No response. Is the Viceroy hiding something? A slow mouse hand, perhaps?

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