Holiday planning?

You work hard all year and need time to relax and recharge. It is nearly summer and it’s time to think about where you want to spend your hard-earned vacation. Why not take a look at this guide to the “world’s 10 most dangerous holiday destinations of 2007″: The page is packed with information including destination background, travel tips, dangers and risk rating. The photos are helpful as well!

_Via_ “popurls”:

About Younghusband

Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942) was a British explorer, army officer, military-political officer, and foreign correspondent born in India who led expeditions into Manchuria, Kashgar, and Tibet. He three times tried and failed to scale Mt. Everest and journeyed from China to India, crossing the Gobi desert and the Mustagh Pass (alt. c.19,000 ft/5,791 m) of the Karakoram mountain range in modern day Pakistan. Convinced of Russian designs on British interests in India, Younghusband proactively engaged in the nineteenth century spying and conflict over Central Asia between the British and the Russians known as the Great Game. "Younghusband" is a Canadian who has spent a number of years bouncing back and forth between his home country and Japan. Fluent in Japanese and English with experience in numerous other languages from Spanish to Georgian, Younghusband has travelled throughout Asia. He graduated with an MA from the War Studies Department at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he focussed on the Japanese oil industry and energy security issues. He has recently returned to Canada from Japan, and is working in the technology sector.
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4 Responses to Holiday planning?

  1. Michael says:

    Ok, who here has the sneaking suspicion that the site’s owners, and one or two of the regular commenters besides, actually saw this list as suggestions for their own vacations and honeymoons? *raises hand*

  2. Stiv says:

    Kind of lame and certainly been done before (Polo’s Bastards and Robert young Peltons “Worlds most dangerous places”) and more accurately too.

    Mexico and Thailand as opposed to the occupied territories, Sudan, Sri Lanka or the DRC, or a myriad of others?

    Afghanistan “Extremely dangerous” and Iraq is just “Dangerous”?

    Check out the list that’s been done by the crew here for the last few years:

    Makes me wonder where he got the idea anyway?

  3. von Kaufman-Turkestansky says:

    I agree with Stiv. After RYP’s _Dangerous Places_ it looks a bit old. Although reading this, I decided to cancel my holiday in Mexico and visit the Niger Delta instead, which, not being on the list, must therefore be a much safer destination.

  4. Grendel says:

    The link is dead, there’re only car ads…