Expat-fueled terrorism

A proposed flag for KhalistanThere is “fear of a revival”:http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070421/sikhs_khalistan_070421/ within the Sikh community of Canada of the “Khalistan movement”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalistan_movement — the creation of an independent Punjabi state along the border of India and Pakistan — which lead to much ISI-funded Sikh terrorism through the 1970′s and 80′s.

The revival attempt is ironic since northern India has experienced an economic boom and discontent is at an all-time low. But Punjabi immigrants abroad have other plans. John Thompson of the “MacKenzie Institute”:http://www.mackenzieinstitute.com/about.html has “noted”:http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20070421/sikhs_khalistan_070421/:

There’s no chance for revival of the Khalistan movement on the ground in Punjab. But for the Sikhs who left in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, especially those who left because of their involvement in the Khalistan movement, as they get older their nationalism is likely to crystallize and stay stronger and they will try to pass it off to the younger generation.

First and second-generation Indo-Canadians could be supporting the movement from abroad much like Irish-Americans which funded the IRA and related groups, prolonging that struggle. This is also similar to the jihad movement, which attracts followers from immigrant families who feel culturally isolated. Britain is having a hard time facing this problem now. America seems better at integrating immigrants, but has it’s share of domestic militants. Canada’s mantra of multi-culturalism makes it similar to Britain. The Khadr family and the Toronto 17 are some recent examples. And people wonder why a country “with no enemies” needs an intelligence agency…

About Younghusband

Sir Francis Edward Younghusband (1863-1942) was a British explorer, army officer, military-political officer, and foreign correspondent born in India who led expeditions into Manchuria, Kashgar, and Tibet. He three times tried and failed to scale Mt. Everest and journeyed from China to India, crossing the Gobi desert and the Mustagh Pass (alt. c.19,000 ft/5,791 m) of the Karakoram mountain range in modern day Pakistan. Convinced of Russian designs on British interests in India, Younghusband proactively engaged in the nineteenth century spying and conflict over Central Asia between the British and the Russians known as the Great Game. "Younghusband" is a Canadian who has spent a number of years bouncing back and forth between his home country and Japan. Fluent in Japanese and English with experience in numerous other languages from Spanish to Georgian, Younghusband has travelled throughout Asia. He graduated with an MA from the War Studies Department at the Royal Military College of Canada, where he focussed on the Japanese oil industry and energy security issues. He has recently returned to Canada from Japan, and is working in the technology sector.
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4 Responses to Expat-fueled terrorism

  1. Sameer Bhagwat says:

    China also alleges that the Falun Gong is a terrorist movement, and has exiled the Buddhist Monks from Tibet.

    India has oppressed the Naga people, the Dalits, and the Sikhs over hundreds of years.

    During the founding of Canada, the Natives were considered barbarian and backwards althoug the Europeans were the invaders.

    Just because the ruling majority creates a label for somebody does not mean that it is justified or accurate.

    Talwinder Singh Parmar is ALLEGED to be involved in the Air India plot, not CONVICTED. Between the Air India plain bombing and the false encounter in which the Indian government killed Parmar, there were seven years of time. In that seven years, they did not charge Parmar. The reason is that Parmar, or the current scapegoats Malik and Bagri, had nothing to do with the bombings. It was a plot of the Indian RAA, American CIA, and Canadian CSIS agencies.

    The Indian consul general says that he is concerned about Talwinder Singh Parmar’s picture being shown, who was never CHARGED OR CONVICTED in the single case of the Air India bombing, but they proudly put up the picture of Indira Gandhi, who is responsible for the massacre of thousands of innocent civilians across Punjab in June of 1984. So who is supporting terrorism? Obviously the Indian consulate.

    The independant Sikh state Khalistan would not be carved out of India because INDIA carved Punjab into half. In 1947, India and Pakistan split and the border line was split between Punjab. Pakistan took one part, India took one part, effectively stealing Punjab from its citizens. Punjab should be one again, and the Sikhs should not be oppressed. Demanding Khalistan is as justified as demanding Israel, Tibet, or Nagaland. It is not a terrorist activity to have self determination and to peacefully campaign for the autonomy of Sikhs in Punjab. It is not a terrorist activity to protest human rights violations and to make the world aware of state-sponsored terrorist activities by India.

  2. Sameer Bhagwat says:

    The fact that Babbar Khalsa was fighting for Khalistan was a perfect ploy to launch the Sikh community into a 100 year setback of suspicion and “terrorist”Â? titles. The Buddhist community can lobby for Tibet, but the Sikh community can’t lobby for Khalistan without labels. This may take a few more decades to change.

    Sikhs pray for the victims of the 1985 Air India bombing and have been part of the soil of Canada for over 100 years. Sikhs have no reason to kill innocent civilians in response to the Indian government’s actions. The Indian government agencies were responsible for the 1984 attacks – not the staff or passengers of Air India.

    Talwinder Singh Parmar was alive for 7 years after the Air India bombing. They never charged him. Then Indian police killed him in a fake-encounter. Reyat was charged under suspicious circumstances with a plea bargain. Malik and Bagri were found innocent and now the inquiry is slowly uncovering CSIS had destroyed evidence – why destroy evidence in the largest (state-sponsored) terrorist act in Canadian history? Why let your “prime suspect”Â? or “mastermind”Â? go to India and be killed? Why wait 20 years before charging Malik and Bagri?

    After the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, people were charged within a year. All of the United States was on alert. They killed so many Al Qaida militants. They went to war (under whatever pretense).

    By comparison, Canadian agencies did nothing. The reason is not because they had no evidence, but because it was all evidence against themselves. The Sikhs had no role in this bombing at all! Many Indian officials are complicit in this plot. It was a multi-million dollar project. It is time the smokescreen is lifted and the truth is brought out.

  3. snow says:

    “It was a plot of the Indian RAA, American CIA, and Canadian CSIS agencies.”


  4. ARRA Editor says:

    Thank you for posting info. We linked to your post in apost on our blog addressing Is that a bomb in your turban?